MASTERCLASS - How To Pimp Your Facebook Profile To Attract Ideal Clients And Connect With Potential Clients

Watch this 20 min. Masterclass replay to discover...

5 Simple Tweaks To Optimize Your Facebook Profile
●  How To Connect With  Ideal Clients And Valuable Influencers

● Which Facebook Requests To Accept
● Which Connections To Remove From Your Facebook Friends
● How To Prune Your Facebook Friends List

These are straight-the-point-actionable tips you can immediately start tweaking your Facebook so you are see as the go-to professional in your industry and become magnetic for your ideal clients

Your Mentor:

Filip Van Houte - Business Mentor

Let me show you how to attract ideal high-ticket clients and close more sales calls so you can do what you do best: serving your clients and doing more of what you would love to do.'

Want To Learn To Consistently Enroll Clients Through Organic Marketing Within 180 Days?

Book A Client Closer Academy Discovery Call - Find out if you qualify for the Client Closer Academy and learn how to build a magnetic brand that attracts ideal clients, create a life-changing high-ticket offer that maximizes results and develop unstoppable sales conviction to close more sales calls.


In the Client Closer Academy, I’ll show you how to grow your coaching and consulting biz by consistently enrolling clients into your $3k-$10k offer.

Includes 180-Day Access To:

Client Closer Academy Content Vault
✔︎ Build A Magnetic Brand That Attract Ideal Clients
✔︎ Content Strategies That Convert
✔︎ High-Ticket Offer Optimization To Increase Income, Impact, And
✔︎ Maximizing Client Fulfillment, Automation And Delivery Infrastructure
✔︎ Streamlined Sales Conversation System To Book More Qualified Calls
✔︎ Proven Successful Sales Call Formula To Close Consistently
✔︎ Objection Jiu-Jitsu To Get To The Final Yes
✔︎ Short, Simplified, Actionable Lessons
✔︎ No Fluff, Only Practical Stuff

All The Courses Are Available On An App, So You Can View It Anytime!

Feedback And Implementation
● Kick-Off Call
● Weekly Mastermind Calls
● Weekly ‘Get Shit Done-Sessions’
● Access To Pitstop Calls To Get Back On Track And Create Momentum

Accountability, Feedback, And Support
● Facebook Messenger Chat Group
● Facebook Mastermind
● Weekly Business Check-Ins
● Accountability Of A Success Manager
● Simplified Tech Tutorials And Tech Support
● Supportive Community Of Like-Minded Rebels With A Cause

We'll Work On The Following Elements:

  • Building A Magnetic Brand (Interested Audience - Persuasive Brand - Converting Content)
  • Creating A Life-Changing High-Ticket Offer (Money Mindset - High-Ticket Offer Optimization - Client Fulfillment)
  • Developing Unstoppable Sales Conviction (Sales Conversations In The Inbox - Sales Calls - Objection Handling)

Everything you need to accelerate the growth of your coaching and consulting business and get you to consistent 5-figure-months!

Book Your Client Closer Academy Clarity Call And Let Me Get You To Those Consistent 5-Figure-Months!

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